Your hair looks great when your hairdesser loves education…

Your hair looks great when your hairdesser loves education…

How amazing is it these days, that when there’s new technology for your phone, it automatically updates and BAM, the latest and greatest applications are now at your fingertips. You don’t need a new phone – just a little update and everything is better and easier! It’s still the same old phone but with new tricks- YAY! 

Well, have you ever wondered how updated your hairdresser is? There are ALWAYS new products, new cuts, new colours and new techniques to achieve the latest trends in colour and cutting. It’s so important to not only be aware of the constantly changing trends, but to be educated on the ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of all things new. Education in hairdressing needs to be constant. There are no limits to what you can learn, and isn’t that amazing? 

Insalon have a strong education culture. We firmly believe that you’re never too old or experienced to learn more, and we all LOVE learning the latest tricks of the trade. 

Just recently, some of our team members had the absolute pleasure of spending three full days in Melbourne with some of Australia’s most accomplished and talented hairdressers learning all things colour correction, perfecting red and copper hair, and the amazing art of hair painting (for the environmentalists: no FOILS!). These hands on workshops ensure that we not only learn the steps, but we practice them – we perfect them! We bring all this knowledge and these skills back into the salon and perform them for you. 

Hairdressing is a wonderful mix of creativity and science – it’s so important to be up to date to achieve the very best hair results EVERY time. We are so lucky our industry is forever growing, but we need to stay relevant and up to date. Hairdressing is not something you can learn just once!

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