How to get the perfect colour and make it last longer

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.42.41 AMAt InSalon we pride ourselves at being the best in colour.  We continually train and upskill to ensure we are experts in all of the latest techniques from foils to balayage and ombré.  But being the best precision colourist isn’t everything that goes into a perfect colour.  There is also so much YOU can do to ensure you get exactly the look you are envisaging, and KEEP that look for as long as possible!


First – let’s look at the 3 steps you should follow before booking your colour appointment:


If you aren’t on Pinterest, get yourself an account!!!  Start searching up the key words you’re looking for such as “brunette, caramel, Autumn hair style” and a library of gorgeous colours will be at your fingertips.  Screen shot your favourite and bring it in for a consultation.  On the flip side, also bring in photos of what you DO NOT want as well.  It makes an amazing difference when you and your colourist share exactly the same vision.  It’s very important to note that you should not be depending on your lingo as well.  Regardless if you’re new to colouring, or if you could write a book about the perfect balayage, it’s still best if you bring in those photos.  Sometimes you may not be explaining your look exactly the way your colourist would, therefore photos are definitely the best way to ensure your stylist shares your vision.


Numerous factors play a part in making the appropriate booking for you.  Hair color appointments could take as little as an hour to complete, or they could require multiple appointments. If you book an appointment without a consultation first, it may not be for the correct amount of time you’ll need to achieve the look that you want. To avoid any disappointment, we are more than happy to meet with you first to decide on technique that will give you exactly the look you’re hoping for.


Being true to your nature and knowing how often you will be visiting InSalon is very important, particularly if it’s your first time to the salon.  If you can’t see yourself doing your roots every 5-6 weeks, you have to let your colourist know.  This will help us determine how light or dark to take your strands, and how much color to put in your hair the first time. If your colorist knows how often you want to come in for touch-ups, they can quickly narrow down the color that you’ll actually be able to maintain.


Okay, by now you’ve put your hair in the hands of a skilled colourist and you’re looking amazing.  Now that your colour is complete, the power of perfection still lies in your hands.   There is so much you can do to maintain your new look as long as possible as well:


Everyone has different hair.  The health of your hair and its ability to absorb colour varies for all.  As mentioned above, some colour requests take a few hours, others a few visits.  If your colourist says you need to come in for 3 visits to achieve your look, it is not because he or she wants you to spend more money.  It is because he or she is studied in the science of colour and knows exactly what is necessary to transform your look.   Commit to their plan and follow through with all appointments.


How often have you been asked by your stylist about the products you use in your hair?  Colourists do not recommend salon-quality shampoo and conditioner just to increase sales.  In fact, they are probably losing money by doing so!  Basically, most hair products off the supermarket shelf will actually strip away your new colour, meaning you’ll be back in the salon sooner rather than later for a touch up.  Think about the long term scenario – a better shampoo and conditioner may appear to cost more per bottle, but will very likely save you money in the long run as you won’t have to come back as often!


We are blessed to live in sun-kissed Australia, but please keep in mind that the sun loves to gobble up colour!  Keeping your hair covered or using UV-protection sprays will keep your hair from turning brassy or dulling too quickly.  Salt water will dry out your hair, and chlorine can wreak havoc on colour, BUT, if you get your hair wet before hopping in or apply conditioner all over it, any holes in the cuticle will be filled in, keeping any salt and chlorine from soaking into your hair shaft.


If you do your homework, you will see that the biggest hair transformers in the world (think the Kardashians & Jenners) all love Olaplex.  To put it very simply, when you colour your hair you have to break through natural barriers for the colour to set permanently.  When it does so, your natural (or previously treated) hair colour is stripped away to make room for your new colour.  The more extreme the transformation, the more time this is going to take.  The most important thing to do when you colour your hair is to repair the broken barriers with special conditioners, and nothing does this better than Olaplex.  Read a Mamamia review on Olaplex HERE.



Following all of these tips as a colour client will ensure that you get exactly the look you are envisaging, and that you will keep that look for as long as possible!  Pop into InSalon at any time, armed with your photos, and one of our senior colourists will be most happy to offer you a free consultation.

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