FACE SHAPES: Choosing the style for you

Understanding your face shape is the answer to all of your haircut queries… can I wear a fringe? Where should I part my hair? Should I layer? Can I do a short cut?

We are lucky at Insalon to be trained by one of Australia’s best, Lorna Evans. In her education classes she breaks down hair styling to six basic face shapes to create the perfect look for each individual.

Harper’s Bazaar is a stylist’s bible. They have recently released their hair tips for 2017 and the overall look is natural and fun.

We are happy at Insalon to help you stay on trend but, before you cut and colour, have a read below and make sure you determine your face shape. Once you understand your shape, make that booking and rock the perfect new look for you in 2017!



940Faceshape feature image17

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