Spring to Summer Hair Trends

Spring to Summer Hair Trends


We’re loving the fact that these days pretty much anything goes with hair – there are no rules regarding what is considered the ‘2019 style’. However, certain trends do pop up from season to season to coincide with weather, lifestyle and the latest fashions.

This season we’re really looking forward to loose fringes or ‘bangs’ – from face framing whispers (known as curtain bangs) to longer, textured full fringes. These are contoured with perfectly placed highlights to brighten the face and have a gorgeously sun kissed glow to complement your skin tone. 

Lobs are hot and will be styled loosely with a real 70s wave vibe. But think less ‘sea salt and hairspray’ and more glossy to glam finishes for the perfectly dishevelled, yet luxe, look with light oils and moisturisers.

Layers are definitely making a comeback – whether it’s just face framing or longer layers for more textured ends, body and bounce.

Definitely seeing a trend of lighter hair – hello Kim Kardashian’s latest look – from ‘bronde’ (not quite blonde or brown – a delightful mix between!) to golden, bright blondes.

And of course balayage is here to stay – yay! This technique lifts your complexion, makes your colour pop and will grow out very softly, with minimal upkeep or maintenance. And is perfect for blondes, brunettes and redheads alike!


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