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How to get the perfect colour and make it last longer

At InSalon we pride ourselves at being the best in colour.  We continually train and upskill to ensure we are experts in all of the latest techniques from foils to balayage and ombré.  But being the best precision colourist isn’t everything...
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What are you doing with your hair this Autumn?

The cooler months have arrived Melbourne and warm natural tones are back! If you are transitioning your summer blonde to an Autumn look, go for a low maintenance colour that will incorporate your natural hair.  Ashy tones are still very popular,...
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InSalon owner, Lorna Evans, has recently been featured in Hair Biz Magazine, explaining exactly how to measure your face shape in order to pick the perfect hair style for you.  Grab a measuring tape and figure out your face shape today...
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OLAPLEX: What is it and why do you need it?

OLAPLEX – PREVENTING DAMAGE, REPAIRING HAIR, AND GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR COLOUR The word ‘Olaplex’ has fast become a regular part of every day conversation at hair salons around the world and for good reason…  At InSalon we believe it’s...
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FACE SHAPES: Choosing the style for you

Understanding your face shape is the answer to all of your haircut queries… can I wear a fringe? Where should I part my hair? Should I layer? Can I do a short cut? We are lucky at Insalon to be trained...
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