Hand Painting Class

Hand Painting Class

Two of our amazing hairdressers recently attended a Hand Painting Colour class with Belinda Keeley so they can keep up to date with the latest trends and skills. Read about their experience below, and why they think education is SO important.

Why is it so important to keep learning in the hairdressing industry?

Britanny: Education, it’s something you do as soon as you’re born! You learn to crawl, walk, talk, read and then you go to school and start working. But what about after? I personally think you can never stop learning. Even after hairdressing for 11 years I am constantly learning new tricks and techniques to add to my skillset.  

I love taking bits and pieces from so many talented hairdressers and using them on my clients. My clients also love it when I talk to them about a new technique and the process their hair will be going though.

Katherine: It’s vital to stay up to date with the newest colours, techniques and trends for your clients. Some people in the hair industry might think colouring hair is simple. But a trained stylist knows how to use chemistry to achieve the perfect formula, specifically for your hair. Hand painting is absolutely just like art and requires skills. It takes fluidity, creative vision and technique to achieve the perfect blend.

Tell us about the class!

Britanny: The technique that Katherine and I learnt on Monday with the amazing Belinda Keeley was free hand painting. And wow, I felt like I was back in art class at school. It is a mix of being structured, yet very released. It’s a much softer variation of a balayage that would suit clients who like a more natural, lived-in colour. It’s the type of colour that can be grown out seamlessly and you can have it touched up every 8 weeks or so, depending on your lifestyle. You can have light, dark or copper hair. It’s really for everyone.

Katherine: Brittany and I had the privilege of going to Belinda Keeley’s hair painting class. These women really knew their art! They explained it so easily and it was such a supportive class with like-minded hairdressers. There are always little questions you might have when perfecting your hair craft and it’s amazing to improve your knowledge. Our day consisted of watching the girls – Belinda and Elly – explain and perform two types of painting.

1. A quicker technique called the orbital paint: ideal for those who want a subtle look!

2. Power paint: it’s just that! Perfect for a full head of hair colour paint for maximum impact but still with that lived-in look! It was such a buzz. As a senior hairdresser you have vast hair knowledge but you can never stop learning.

What type of client would this colour technique be best for?
Britanny: If you’re the type of client who likes to leave their hair for three months or so! I would also suggest coming in to get a toning service to remove any warmth, or just to give it a bit of a refresh in between. 

Katherine: This style suits most hair types. But it’s especially great for low maintenance gals and guys. It lasts from about 6 weeks to a few months. It grows out beautifully, and a toner after 4-6 weeks will keep it looking amazing.
Is there anything else about colour our clients should know?

Britanny: So many people think it’s easy – they’ll just chuck colour on at home. What many people don’t understand is that before we apply any colour or think about technique, we have to think about the science of your hair.

How much warmth will be reflected?

Do you need to remove any underlying colour?

How will it affect your hair’s integrity?
And so much more!

The darker your hair, the more likely you will be to need a toner because your hair will throw off more warmth and the lightener has to work extra hard to shift through more stages of your underlying pigments. 

The best thing to help remove warmth at home and keep your hair looking its best at all time is the ELEVEN Keep My Colour shampoo and conditioner and/or treatment. This is an anti-yellow formulated product that helps lock in your colour and counteract the yellow tones trying to come through. 

This can also be paired with the Miracle Hair Treatment that stops the hair from being damaged by heat and the natural elements like the sun.


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