Balayage Benefits

Balayage Benefits

You’ve probably seen it written 1,000 times and you’ve definitely noticed the trend- now it’s your turn to learn the ins and out of the current look and how to ask and obtain it for yourself!! 

Pronounced – BAH-LAY-AHGE 


Balayage refers to the gradual highlighting technique from darker natural roots into lighter ends, think naturally sun kissed hair- lightened through the pony tail ends and around the face!! 
This technique allows you to be as extreme or as soft and natural with the look as you dare. From honey caramel ends, think Jessica Biel Or Chrissy Teigen. To bolder blondes with softer shadowed roots, think Blake Lively or Gigi Hadid.


The technique can even be used to create the brighter bolder looks like Kylie Jenner aqua green look or Katy Perry violet ends! It’s so versatile- anyone can wear it. 

Balayage is considerably less maintenance then a root colour as it blends seemlessly with your own natural colour and tones. The regrowth is more soft. What’s not to love. 
To ensure the balayage colour and style best suit your skin tones and flatter your hair style, always ask a professional! 
Balayage is flattering whether styled straight or tousled in curls and waves, it really is the all rounder colour and no wonder everyone is trying to pronounce it!! 


Article by Amanda – Insalon Stylist

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